Paint-at-home bundles, free contactless delivery

Ceramics bundles with acrylic paint

Be creative at home with a ceramics takeout bundle!  Paint with normal, fast drying and non toxic acrylic paint and enjoy the results immediately. The bundles come with mixable paint, brushes and a useful colour mixing chart. The kids will learn about color theory by mixing colours and having fun. Items painted with acrylics paint are not foodsafe as the paint can rub off

Ceramics bundles with ceramics paint

Ceramics paint is durable, foodsafe, smooth and super shiny after we bake the painted items to turn the paint into a perfect layer of glass. For these bundles, select up to six colours to use and be amazed by the result. Ceramics paint is not mixable as the results are unpredictable. Painted items, brushes and paint are returned to the studio and we let you know when they are ready. It’s worth the wait!


A la carte Ceramics are individually priced

Most items are priced in the $28 to $33 plus tax range and there are no extra charges. We never charge studio fees!

The full A la carte selection can be found on the gallery page, or select a bundle for great discounts.


Canvas Paint-at-home kits

Choose a canvas pre-traced with the outline of a design of your choice or have a blank canvas to fully express your creativity. The kits comes with plenty of paint in 6 mixable colours, a palette to mix on and a mixing guide to help you get a good result. You even get brushes to keep!

Canvas painting The acrylic paint is water based so cleanup is easy, but may stain the clothes. Kits includes paint and brushes that you can keep.

Board Art takeout - coming soon

Hundreds of designs to choose from, and a custom stencil made just for you makes it easy to make a sign you’ll be happy to put on your wall. We’ll update this section with more information as soon as it is available.

Board Art

Price is $30 to $45 depending on size of wood sign and includes paint, all supplies such as the custom precision cut stencil