For summer or winter camp you can drop the kids off at Crafty Pots in the morning for three hours of fun and creative activities. They’ll create projects with different materials, have fun and meet new friends.

During the summer, there are multiple camps to choose from. The activities will be similar or the same but the projects will be different for each camp week so the fun is the same.

Please click on the image for each week to learn more or to book.

The camps follow all provincial regulations for day camps. The projects will appeal to both boys and girls, and we accept campers aged 6-14 years old.

Please click here or go to the end of this page for answers to common questions such as safety and cancellation policy.

How do I sign up?

Please select the week(s) you want to book and add to the cart and checkout. Please enter the names and ages of the children in the order notes.

Then we’ll call back to confirm and collect payment.

How many children in each camp?

There are will be 16 spots in the winter camp. Our studio is large, so the provincial regulations permit more but we’re voluntarily limiting the numbers.

Will there be other customers in the studio?

No, only the campers and the staff will be present in the studio. The camp takes place before we normally open at 1pm, so the doors will be locked and no other customers will be present. 

What if we miss one or more days?

You will receive a store credit of $20 for each booked day that the child does not attend. The store credit can be used for any in-store activity once any seating restriction is lifted, and must be used within one year from the date that was missed.

Can we do individual days?

No, sorry. Provincial regulations say that campers must stay as a cohort for the duration so we cannot have campers come for only one day. 

What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel with 21 or fewer full days to go before the camp starts, the payment becomes store credit that must be used within one year.

If you cancel with more than 21 full days to go before the camp starts then we can refund the full payment. 

What if there is another lockdown?

Let’s just make sure we all get vaccinated so it doesn’t get to that point, mmmkay?🙂

In case of a lockdown or regulation that prevents the camp from happening, we’ll refund all affected reservations. 

What about food and allergies?

Each artist should bring their own snack, which must be nut-free, to eat during the break, but we cannot guarantee to be nut-free. All materials are non-toxic and safe to use, there is no gluten, nuts etc. in any of the materials.

What are your COVID precautions?

Masks must be worn at all times by children, their parents and the staff. Handwashing is required on arrival.

Each artist will have their own table and their own set of supplies, all of which is  sanitized before use.

All Crafty Pots staff members are vaccinated.

What is the fine print?

By enrolling your child/ren you acknowledge and agree that Crafty Pots is not responsible for any possible exposure to illness or infectious diseases including but not limited to influenza, MRSA, and COVID-19. While particular safety precautions and personal discipline may reduce the risk of illness, a risk still does exist.

As a parent/legal guardian you knowingly and freely assume all such risks, both known and unknown and assume full responsibility for your child’s participation. On behalf of you and your children, you hereby release and hold harmless Crafty Pots and their employees, owners, and other participants with respect to any and all illnesses to the fullest extent permitted by law.