What are the steps?

Take a look at the types of projects and decide what appeals to you.

Try a Crafty Clay kit to get away from the computers and make something with your hands.

Board Art lets you paint a wooden sign with a custom stencil for great results.

The project kits are great family activities, and lastly there are so many cool ceramic items to paint.

After checkout we let you know when your order will be ready and you pay at pickup.

Ceramic items are returned to the studio together with brushes and paint for baking.

We’ll call you when the beautiful finished pieces are ready and you pick up at your convenience.

Are the supplies sanitized?

Yes, all supplies are sanitized.

The staff observe hand washing and sanitation protocols.

How long do I have to turn it back in?

For ceramic paint kits, please return everything including brushes and paint containers within a week, two or three weeks if you let us know.

The paints, both ceramics and acrylic come in little cups and will dry out after that. Acrylic paint kits are not returned, and you can keep everything 🙂


How messy is this?

Don’t worry! Ceramics paints are non-toxic and washable with water! Super easy to clean!

Acrylic paints can stain clothes, shoes etc. Please paint on a surface that can be wiped down and wear your painting clothes 🙂

How do I browse the available ceramic items?

Please click here to browse 500 types of ceramics in stock, organized into collections.

There’s a collection of all licensed characters, a collection of all animal related items, a collection of all mugs, all fall items etc. etc. we really do have the biggest selection in all of the GTA !


How do I pick paint colours?

Two types of paint are available: ceramics paint or acrylic paint, both non-toxic and safe. Click here to choose::

Ceramics paint becomes super glossy and bright, but the painted items must be returned to the studio for baking. mugs and plates etc. becomes food safe. This paint does not stain clothes.

You choose the individual colours from the list and return all supplies when done.

Acrylics paint works great for figures and is ready the same day, no baking needed. It is not  food-safe, less glossy and durable than ceramics paint, can stain clothes.

Acrylic comes as a set of three mixable primary colours, plus white and black. The included mixing guide lets you mix many other colours on demand and learn about colour mixing.