How it works: Crafty Kits To Go

A Crafty Kit is Art Therapy with your family in the comfort of your own home

What are the steps?

  1. Choose your favourite items and put them in the cart
  2. For ceramic items, please choose a paint option, either ceramics paint or acrylics paint
  3. A short while later we get in touch with you to arrange payment and let you know when your order will be ready.
  4. You and your family have a great time enjoying the Crafty Kit at home
  5. For one type of paint, the items are returned to the studio for baking
  6. We call you when the beautiful finished pieces are ready
  7. You pick up at your convenience

How do I browse the available ceramic items?

Please click here to browse 500 types of ceramics in stock, organized into collections. There’s a collection of all licensed characters, a collection of all animal related items, a collection of all mugs, all fall items etc. etc. we really do have the biggest selection in all of the GTA !

What’s included in my Crafty Kit

Everything you need! Your chosen items and paint colours, painting instructions, brushes and other needed supplies if any. The price includes glazing and firing for items painted with ceramics paints.

Are the supplies sanitized?

Yes, all supplies are sanitized, and we guarantee that no other customers have touched any of it for at least four days. This is much longer than the virus can live on a surface under normal circumstances. The staff observe hand washing and sanitation protocols. All incoming materials are quarantined for four days.

What happens once I order?

After you submit the online order it’ll go in for approval, because we need to make sure the order is local before accepting payment. The order will be approved within a day, normally within hours and we’ll call you for payment and arrange a pickup time

Then we’ll package your order into a Crafty Kit! You’ll have the option to pick up in the studio (when permitted), curbside at the door, or we can deliver within Markham ($40 minimum purchase)

How do I pick paint colours?

Please choose a paint palette option here, the choices are ceramics paint or acrylic paint. The difference:

Ceramics paint becomes super glossy and bright, and makes things like mugs and plates food safe but the painted items must be returned to the studio where we bake them. This paint does not stain clothes, and you can choose up to six colours for no charge. The baked items are ready for pickup after a week.

Acrylics paint works great for figures and things that don’t need to be food safe, but it is not as glossy or as durable as ceramics paint. The paint can stain clothes, and comes as a set of mixable primary colours, plus white and black. This allows you to mix many other colours on demand and lets the kids learn about colour mixing.

Items painted with acrylics are not returned to the studio, they can be enjoyed the same day. A colour mixing instruction sheet is included to help you get a good result.

How messy is this?

Don’t worry! Ceramics paints are non-toxic and washable with water! Super easy to clean! However, acrylic paints can stain and are not washable

How long do I have to turn it back in?

For ceramic paint kits, please return everything including brushes and paint containers within a week, two or three weeks if you let us know. The paints, both ceramics and acrylic come in little cups and will dry out after that. Acrylic paint kits are not returned, and you can keep everything 🙂

How do I turn my pottery back in for baking?

You can drop it off any time during open hours, the hours will be on this website. We’ll take good care of everything and call you when everything is ready, which in normal times will typically be 5-7 days later. During lockdown and COVID measures, we quarantine all incoming materials for four days which will extend the time until they are ready, we appreciate your patience.

How do I pick back up?

We’ll call you as soon as everything is ready for pick up. The finished items are going to be beautiful, the colours will be much brighter and super shiny and we’ll bag them up for you for safe transport. You can come during open hours, and if you have a receipt, please bring it as the pickup slip. If the items were painted from a Crafty Kit, please tell us the name it was bought under.

I have more questions!

Please call us at 905 477 0002 and we’ll be happy to answer any question.