Party to go

Safe, contactless and lots of fun

Not comfortable getting a bunch together yet, but still want a great birthday party? Order party to go packages that you drop off at the house of the participants, and they have a great time hanging out online and sharing an activity. As a special treat, the package includes a sealed bag with a fresh baked cookie and two colours of icing for decorating. The cookie and icing is supplied by The Cats Meow, a fully inspected and licensed local cafe.

The kids choose online in advance from Bronze party selection which item they’d like to paint and you let us know what to put in each package. 

The kids can join a Zoom or Facebook meeting and hang out virtually, painting together and end the party decorating and eating the cookie together. 

The package comes in an untied clear cellophane bag so you can add extra items if desired. A ribbon is included to make it easy for you.

The paint is normal, fast drying and non-toxic acrylic paint so the painted items can be enjoyed immediately, no need bake the items.

Price: $25 plus tax for each package. Minimum purchase is six packages

Each painter gets an item from the Bronze selection, six colours of mixable acrylic paint, two brushes to keep, useful colour mixing chart, cookie in sealed bag with icing and Thank You card. 

The items in the picture are representative and selection will always be the best in town, but availability of any particular item is not guaranteed.

A minimum purchase of 6 packages isrequired.