Paint at home activities to go

Bundles available online only, free contactless delivery within Markham

Potterytogo1 450

The entire selection is online so you can order from home and we’ll have everything ready for you to pickup in the studio and paint at home. 

Ceramicstogo1 450

Ceramics paint becomes a super shiny, food safe and durable finish for mugs and plates etc. after items are baked back at the studio. 

Acrylicstogo2 450

Use normal, mixable and fast drying acrylic paint and enjoy the result the same day. Comes with brushes and a useful mixing chart.

Partytogo1 450

Have a party while distancing. Choose from a great selection of items to paint while the kids are online together. Cookie is included!

Comes with instructions and all supplies when you’d like a helping hand and a great result. Ceramics, board art and canvas.