Coming soon

To a galaxy near you - Star Wars ceramics

Arriving last week of October

The force is STRONG with these cool things! Come paint them as soon as they arrive, Crafty Pots is the only place in Markham/Stouffville/Richmond Hill where you can paint these unique items. 

Takeout and sit-down painting

Come on in to browse, drop off painted items or pick up finished artwork

Four tables available

Four tables for four people are available in the main studio and one 6 person table in the separate party room, plenty of open space with about 8’/2.5m between each table. We’ll expect everyone to wear masks throughout the visit and to wash hands before touching anything, thank you 🙂

Open 12 pm to 6 pm for walk-in and pickup. With reservation you can paint until 9 pm Wednesday to Saturday

Drop ins are welcome 11 – 6 pm, but you can also make a reservation at 905 477 0002 for a guaranteed table for a specific time. If coming to paint after 5 pm a reservation is necessary.

If there are no painters we’ll close at 6 pm, and the hours may change so please check the website. 

Even cleaner than normal
The staff wears masks for your protection, the lovely scent of Lysol wafts enticingly through the air, and the surfaces are even cleaner than they usually are. Our hands are pink from all the hand washing, and handles and the payment terminal are wiped regularly. Every brush etc. you use has been lysol’ed and guaranteed untouched by any other customer for at least four dayswhich is much longer than virus can live.

Paint at home

Best boredom busters, choose online or browse in the studio and paint at home

Paint at home, have fun and learn about colours – order before 4 pm for same day contactless delivery within Markham or come to the studio to choose.
Browse the many options for activities that we can deliver to your door! Two types of paint is available, both non toxic and easy to use. Figures are best painted with normal acrylics paint that can be enjoyed the same day. Food safe items like mugs, plates etc. are painted with ceramics paint and are brought back to be baked at the studio. Bundles are discounted, and are only available online. Delivery is free within Markham with a $40 plus tax purchase.
Potterytogo1 450

The entire selection is online so you can order from home and we’ll have everything ready for you to pickup in the studio and paint at home. 

Ceramicstogo1 450

Ceramics paint becomes a super shiny, food safe and durable finish for mugs and plates etc. after items are baked back at the studio. 

Acrylicstogo2 450

Use normal, mixable and fast drying acrylic paint and enjoy the result the same day. Comes with brushes and a useful mixing chart.

Partytogo1 450

Have a party while distancing. Choose from a great selection of items to paint while the kids are online together. Cookie is included!

Comes with instructions and all supplies when you’d like a helping hand and a great result. Ceramics, board art and canvas.

Mystery Bundles with cute party animals

Order online, same day delivery. Always something cool to paint at a great value

Mystery Bag with Two Party Animals for $40: Includes two randomly chosen cute party animals and two flat ornament shapes as a bonus. If you order multiple mystery bags you’ll get different items in each bag. Choose Any Two Party Animals for $50: choose any two Party Animals from the picture, and we’ll include two  flat ornament shapes as a bonus. You can teach colour theory using the included acrylic paint in the primary colours red, yellow, blue plus white, black and brown. With these colours you can mix any other with the help of the included colour mixing chart. It’s a great and fun educational opportunity.
Please see the Paint-at-home page for many more options that we can deliver to your do

Walk in painting activities

Create, Connect and Celebrate

At this time we’re of course closed to walk-in activities, but normally you can drop in any time and select an activity. We offer ceramics painting, board art and glass fusing. The separate party room is a great place to have the easiest birthday party ever!

Skip the wait with Make and Take parties

Ceramics painting birthday parties at Crafty Pots have always been popular. The results are amazing, the ceramic items are awesome and glossy after the baking which takes 5-7 days. It’s now possible to SKIP the wait with three new kinds of MAKE AND TAKE birthday parties for 8 year olds and up.

The kids can now paint the 50 plus attractive items in the party selection with fast drying acrylic paint in many vibrant colours so they can come home the same day.

Name board art parties where the guests make the coolest name signs are also a hit. It is easy to get a great result with a custom made stencil for each painter.

Slime Science parties are super popular and super goooey and the kids get to experiment with colours to make it their own.
Give us a call and we’ll make the next party the most stress-free birthday you’ve ever had.