Ask your colleagues and have a BIG party with volume discounts

Volume discount for 50-99 paid participants is $1 each, 100+ paid participants $2 each. The discount applies to ALL the participant so it’s easy for you if you need to collect money from the parents.

Freebies for the staff, woohoo!

We’ll provide a free item of the same type (mug/plate/bowl/two ornaments/one glass item) for the staff for every 20 paid participants. 

Useful and fun mug, bowl or plate, always popular

We can provide a worksheet template so the kids can plan out the design they want to use for an even better experience and result. This is useful if you have a curriculum topic to cover. 

Mugs are always available, bowls and plates require longer lead time and have a $3 extra charge.

We can provide ideas if  you have a theme, for example related to the current curriculum or an upcoming holiday. PDF worksheets available on request

MUGS: $24 INCLUDING TAX for an in-studio event, $26 outside the studio

BOWL or PLATE: $27 INCLUDING TAX for an in-studio event, $29 outside the studio


Two Glass Frit Paintings (7+ years)

Painting with grains of finely crushed glass, called frit, is similar to sand painting, but on a piece of clear glass. The kids trace the lines with a bead of white glue, sprinkle black glass grains on the glue and pour off the excess. Then they can fill in with different colours of glass. The baking creates  sparkling works of art.

This project comes with an activity sheet that can be used to plan out the designs before the event. Each child does two 4″x4″ squares, and we’ll add a hook in a corner so the finished artwork can be hung in the window catching the light.

$31 PLUS TAX for an in-studio event, $34 PLUS TAX outside the studio.

Two Glass Sun Catcher Mosaics (7+ years)

These four inch sun catcher glass mosaics are fun to make and will look great hanging in a window. The kids will build the design from 0.5″ squares of glass in several colours.

Each child will do two 4″ x 4″ suncatchers.

$32 PLUS TAX for an in-studio event, $36 PLUS TAX outside the studio

Two ceramic ornaments

The children can choose what they like between at least 15 types ornaments. Non-religious choices are available as well as Christmas specific items so there’s something for everyone. After baking, the ornaments will be delivered with nice ribbons, ready to go on the tree or in the window.

The pictures shows a selection of typical items, there’ll be at least 15 types but we cannot guarantee any specific item.

Only $22 INCLUDING TAX for an in-studio event, $24 outside the studio

Clay tealight luminary

This lovely clay project is easy and fun to do. It’s built and painted the same day so you can pick up the finished items one week later.

First the children make a clay coil to go around the base of a plastic bottle. We teach them how to score and moisten the clay so that the pieces will stick together.

Then they get a slab of clay and a selection of cookie cutters to make four ornaments to go around the base. The holes are made with a straw or a wooden stick.

Finally, the children can paint the wet clay with our special glass green paint and a selection of colours for the base.

$24 INCLUDING TAX for an in-studio event, $28 outside the studio