Ceramics painting is a very approachable activity, anyone can do it. There are hundreds of different items to paint in the studio, so you start by browsing and selecting the items to paint. Perhaps a mug, a figure, a vase, perhaps a flower pot, perhaps something else. Then you decorate it any way you like,

There are many samples already painted to provide inspiration

How much does it cost?

The experience starts around $19, many smaller items at $22 and the majority of the items to paint are in the $28 to $33 range plus tax.

Paint and baking is included and there are no extra charges. No studio fee!

How long does it take?

Most adult painters take at least two hours because there are so many cool things to choose from and it takes a little time to decide how to paint. To get the best result it’s best to paint each colour with three layers, but the paint dries in only two minutes.

Kids usually paints faster, but an hour to two is common.

There is no time limit, stay as long as we’re open. If you’re not done by the time we close, we’ll happily wrap the items up, you take them home and come back another day to finish, no charge.

Unfortunately we can not store any “work in progress” projects, sorry.

Are mugs, plates, vases safe to use?

Yes! Mugs, plates, vases etc. painted with ceramic paint become food-safe after baking in our special ovens. 

They are microwave safe, but we recommend hand washing as opposed to machine washing, as they are less “tough” than store bought ceramics and will chip fairly easily.

Items can be painted with acrylics paint for quick results, but they are not food safe. A mug painted with acrylics make a great pen holder.


Does the paint stain clothes?

The ceramic paint does not stain clothes, it brushes right off when dry. It’s also completely non-toxic, even gluten-free, because it is essentially glass powder. 

You can also paint ceramics with acrylic paint, and acrylic paint is a normal, fast drying paint which will stain clothes, so please dress for the occasion when using acrylics.