A hand or footprint is a priceless memory of how small those hands or feet used to be. Come in in to make some keepsakes that’ll be cherished forever. 

We can help you make clay ornaments and plaques with an impression of the hand or foot, or you can add prints to existing ceramics like plates or mugs.

Prints on ceramics can be made anytime, a reservation is not necessary, but for clay projects please call a few hours in advance so we can have the clay rolled out and ready when you bring in the small hands or feet.

A single clay hand or foot ornament of any design starts at $35 plus tax and will typically be ready for pickup two weeks later. Please see below for more prices and options.

We need at least two weeks to get the painted prints ready, but if you’re a last minute shopper, we can have them ready in one week for a $10 rush charge per ornament..

What does it cost?

Clay projects vary in price depending on the size and options, typical prices listed.Tax not included. 

Clay hand or footprint ornament, one print, any design: $35 up to 6″. $45 over 6″

6×10″ plaque, Love, 2 prints,  $60

6″ round or heart $45

8″ round or heart $55

Do I need an appointment?

No, but call in advance because we need a few hours notice to make sure we have clay ready when you bring in the small hands and feet.

For prints on ceramics you’re welcome to drop in anytime. 

Is the clay and paint non-toxic and non-staining?

Yes, the clay is a completely natural material and the paint is certified non-toxic and will not stain the clothes.

If any paint get on the clothes it will brush off when dry.