The painters will create their own unique name signs that can be taken home the same day.

We provide unique and personalized stencils so the result is always really special and cool.

Available for kids 8 and older as this activity uses acrylics paint.

Price: $24 plus tax for each painter. Minimum 8 painters, max 15.

This activity uses normal, fast drying acrylic paint that may stain clothes, shoes etc. so please notify the guests to dress accordingly.

Please see the terms for information about food etc.

What’s included

One wooden sign per painter, approx 3″ x 12″, personalized stencil and all supplies.

Two hours in the private party room. The painting will usually take 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes. The rest of the time can be used for cake, singing and presents.

A dedicated staff member will help you make this a great and stress free party. The staff member will help with the painting part of the party, and you’re in charge of the “party” part of the party. Of course we take care of the cleanup!

As many Invitation cards as you need and Thank You cards to be handed out at the end of the party.

A special VIP family pass good for 10% discount on ceramics for four people, valid for six months from the date of the party.

The tables are covered in white paper and there is a separate table for food and presents, but plates, napkins, cutlery etc. are not included.


A non-refundable deposit of $50 is necessary to secure the time and date. The deposit is applied to the final bill, which is due at the end of the party. Host must pay entire bill, guests cannot pay individually. If the party is cancelled, the deposit will be converted to store credit.

The minimum charge is for 8 painters, so if you have fewer participants you may take extra ceramic items, priced up to $24 items home, and bring them back to paint another day at no charge.

Party food like pizza, snacks (fruit tray, cupcakes, chips or similar), drinks and of course cake are welcome. We request that no nut products be brought in but cannot guarantee to be nut free.

If any meat (except pepperoni), is brought in such as wings, shrimps, sandwiches, catered food etc. you must take all garbage home with you. We cannot store garbage containing meat for health reasons.

The finished items are usually picked up by the host, but we can accommodate individual pickup. All items must be picked up within two months.

Noisemakers, chewing gum, silly string etc. cannot be handed out in loot bags or used during the party. 

Generally, the painters and attending parents have to remain in the party room for the duration of the party.