Great value with a wide and varied selection of attractive figures, banks, boxes and cool mugs.

At least 50 different items are available at no additional charge so you have full control of the cost.

The full selection is at least 300 items, all individually priced, averaging around $38 and you’re welcome to let some or all of the painters chose freely and pay the difference to the package price.

Any age, but best for 6 and older.

Capacity: 18 in the party room, more if full studio.

Package price: First 10 participants for $300 plus tax. Additional participants $32 plus tax each.

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What’s included?

Two hours of exclusive use of the separate party room and a dedicated party leader to help with the activity part of the party.

White paper on the tables and a separate table for food and presents. You're welcome to come 15 minutes early to decorate the room is desired.

Plates, napkins, cutlery etc. are not included, but if you run short we can supply a few extra. We have a cake knife and lighter that you're welcome to borrow. 

The kids have unlimited use of the selfie photo booth, feel free to bring props and a USB stick to store the images afterwards.

As many Invitation cards as you need. Please click here for a fillable PDF version.

After the party we can give you Thank You cards to hand out and you get a special VIP family pass good for 10% discount on any activity for four people, valid for six months from the date of the party.

Drop off or stay?

For party room parties, we expect the party guests to be dropped off except for Toddler parties. The birthday child can have up to three attending adults stay. We know that some parents will choose to stay but you should not plan or intend a party room party as a get together opportunity for adults. If a party room party has more adults than kids we'll charge $20 per extra adults.

The party room can seat 15-25 participants depending on the party type, assuming few attending adults. For large parties where you'd like the parents to stay, we can do full studio parties where you get both the party room and main craft room all to yourself for up to 60 kids and adults. More about this option further down.

What are the terms?

A non-refundable deposit of $50 is necessary to secure the time and date. The deposit is applied to the final bill, which is due at the end of the party. Host must pay entire bill, guests cannot pay individually. If the party is cancelled, the deposit will be converted to store credit that must be used within 60 days.

The package price includes up to 10 participants, additional participants charged at the listed rate. All children present at the party must participate, infants excepted of course.

The price is the same with fewer participants but attending adults can participate if necessary. Unfortunately it's not possible to get credit for fewer participants or take unused material home for later painting. All painting must be finished the same day. 

Noisemakers, chewing gum, silly string etc. cannot be handed out in loot bags or used during the party.

Generally, the painters and attending parents have to remain in the party room for the duration of the party.

Tipping is optional, but if you had a great party please tip your host directly.

Can I bring food?

Party food like pizza, snacks (fruit tray, cupcakes, chips or similar), drinks and of course cake are welcome. We request that no nut products be brought in but cannot guarantee to be nut free.

We cannot store garbage containing meat (pepperoni excepted) for health reasons so you cannot bring food like burgers, wings, shrimps, sandwiches, catered food etc.

Which times can be booked?

Weekend parties starts at 11 am, 2 pm or 5 pm. Weekday parties are not possible at this time due to staffing limitations. On weekends it’s possible to start earlier than 11 am if desired. This does not change the duration.

Is 2 hours enough time?

Yes, 2 hours is enough. The activity usually takes an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. 

The rest of the time can be used for taking selfies with the photo booth, cake, singing and presents.

If participants come late we may be able to move them to the main craft room after the party ends to continue as long as they need. 

Can I have more than 18 kids at the party?

For a fantastic experience for a large group you can book the entire studio, meaning the main craft room plus the party room for 2 hours, total around 60-70 seats. 

A full studio party has a minimum charge of 20 participants.

The door will be closed to others so your guests have exclusive use for the duration.

The full studio option is only available for the Saturday and Sunday 11 am or earlier time slot. We do not do mid-day full studio parties, sorry.