Booked activities covers pottery wheel throwing, glass fusing and board art. These activities require setup and preparations so we need to know when you’re coming. You can book  a beginner pottery wheel throwing class Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. You can book a glass fusing or board art session on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. We’ll not be able to accommodate these activities except on the specified days.

Beginner Pottery Wheel Throwing

If you’ve got previous experience with wheel throwing, walk-in and use the pottery wheels to build your skills. If you’re interested in learning how to do it, try signing up for a beginners class which is offered several times a week.

You get to make several things and after we bake them, you can come back to paint them at low price or enjoy them as they are.

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Glass Fusing

Create art with pieces of coloured glass and we’ll fuse it together into a solid piece of glass that’ll look amazing in a window or as a display piece.

Available for ages 7 and up, not suited for younger ages, sorry.

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