Catch the light with glass

Glass fusing lets you create designs with coloured glass pieces. You cut out the shapes from sheets of coloured glass before arranging them on a base of clear glass. The results can be truly amazing.

Look through the binder of project suggestions, or look for inspiration in advance to get started. When you’ve decided on your design, we explain how to use the tools and give you a safety briefing before letting you loose.

When you’re done we’ll do the fusing part for you, very carefully melting the design pieces and base together.

The projects can be shaped into trays and bowls to make them both useful and amazing. The prices depend on the size of the base you choose to work on and the options.

Stunning project created by an experienced artist

Caveat: Specialty glass like the stunning red Godiva or green Lagoon style used here becomes available once you’ve completed some projects with the regular glass. Normally a whole sheet can not be cut up like this, but this project was just so amazing!

Step by step to a stunning result

  • Planning your design is the first step. You can mark up cutlines on the glass with sharpie.
  • A glass cutter makes a scratch in the surface and the glass can be separated. Curves are tricky and require care when separating.
  • Several tools are available for fine tuning the shapes.
  • The pieces are secured to the base with a very small amount of glue so they don’t slide around.
  • Crushed glass called frit can be used to add texture.
  • After baking all the pieces are fused together and the sharp edges are rounded over.

How much does it cost?

The price depends on the size of the base you choose, and the options you want.

For a clear base

Two 4″ x 4″ – $40
6″ x 6″ – $40
6″ x 12″ – $55
8″ x 8″ – $55
10″ x 10″ – $70

Special options

Smooth finish – $8
Shaping – $8
Round base – $8
Coloured base – $8-16

How long does it take?

For adults two hours is common, but three, four are not unusual. It depends on the design you are going for.

Children can build easy and colourful designs from the treasure chest of safe to touch glass pieces in around an hour.

We can not store any glass “work in progress” projects, so please make sure you give yourself enough time. 

Can I use the things I make?

Glass projects are mostly decorative, some sizes can be shaped like plates but because they are very fragile we do not recommend using them for eating.

Store bought glassware have undergone a special process to make the glass resist breaking. When store bought glass items break, the pieces are less sharp, but glass projects will break into sharp pieces.