activity Glass Fusing

Glass fusing

Create with real glass and capture the light

Making a glass projects is a very special experience and the results are sure to amaze. There are project guides and samples to get you started or you can make your own unique design.  It’s surprisingly easy to cut glass and you’ll quickly get the hang of the tools to cut out the shapes you need.  

When you’ve decided on your design, make it real by cutting out and layering the colourful glass shapes on a base, usually clear glass, and secure it with a tiny amount of glue. When you’re done we’ll do the fusing part for you, very carefully melting the design pieces and base together. The projects can be shaped into trays and bowls to make them both useful and amazing.

The prices depend on the size of the base you choose to work on, and you really have to come see all the samples we’ve got to see how amazing it looks. 

Project prices, clear base

Two 4″ x 4″ – $40
6″ x 6″ – $40
6″ x 12″ – $50
8″ x 8″ – $50
10″ x 10″ – $70

Special options

Smooth finish – $6
Shaping – $8
Round base – $8
Coloured base – $8-16