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Covid special FAQ

Applies during lockdown or under COVID restrictions

Can I still come into the studio?

Jan 2021: Sorry, no, lockdown is in effect but we’re allowed to do curbside pickup and dropoff during the listed times.

Are brushes etc. sanitized in the to-go kits

Yes, we sanitize all supplies, and additionally we guarantee that no other customers have touched the supplies for at least four days. Four days is much longer than the virus can live on surfaces under normal conditions.

We do this through quarantining all items that come back to the studio for four days before cleaning them.

How do you make in-studio painting safe

All tables and chairs are sanitized after each use. Door handles, faucets, payment terminal etc. are sanitized throughout the day.

Masks are required throughout the visit and all customers must wash hands before browsing the shelves.

We guarantee that all supplies like brushes, palettes have not been touched by other customers for at least four days, and that they also have been sanitized.

We will pour the paint for you and give you everything you need to have fun painting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Drop in anytime, no appointment or experience needed

Do I need an appointment?

You are always welcome to walk in and have fun, so no reservation or experience is necessary. We’ll get you started, so feel free to drop in anytime to create something unique. 

Only parties need reservations, and this is done with a weeks notice. Larger groups, for example a bridal shower, bachelor/bachelorette (min 6 painters) can set up a guaranteed seating booking with a weeks notice, but groups are welcome any time. Apart from birthday parties and guaranteed seating bookings we do not take reservations.

What can I do at the studio?

We’re a friendly place where you can relax with several kinds of creative activities. There’s ceramics painting where you decorate ceramics, such as figures, banks, mugs (lots and lots of mugs), plates, vases etc. etc. You can also create board art on wood signs that you can take home the same day. Last but not least there is glass fusing where you create design from glass that we fuse into a solid piece of glass.  Whether you are 5 or 105, we can help bring out the artist in you! Come any time we are open – no reservations needed.

“I’m so not creative”..

We have stencils and rubber stamps for the inexperienced artist, and there are many painted samples that you are welcome to copy or modify to your liking. 

This is about having fun, letting go a little bit and seeing what happens. There is no pressure, no one will judge your work. However, we can almost guarantee that the finished result will be better than you expected 🙂

What can I paint?

We have around 400 different pieces to paint. We have dolphins, frogs, mermaids, penguins, horses, cars, planes, boats, skateboards and many other shapes that kids will love. We have a great variety of mugs, plates, platters and bowls in lots of useful sizes and shapes. We have cookie jars, vases, salt and pepper shakers and much more. From small ornaments to huge vases, we have it all.

For board art there are many designs to choose from, and pictures of completed signs can be found on the board art pages.

Can I use the things I make or paint?

Yes! The painted ceramic items become food-safe after we have baked them to perfection in our special ovens. You can drink from the cups, eat from the plates and use the vases for flowers with no worries. Our paints are non-toxic, lead free and will not stain clothes.

The glass projects are more decorative, some sizes can be shaped like plates but because they are fragile we do not recommend using them for eating. 

Board art can go right on your wall when finished, and you can mix colours to get just the right shade.

How much does it cost?

Most of the ceramic items to paint in the studio are priced between $28 and $33 (that vase the size of an elephant is a bit more). THERE IS NO STUDIO FEE, so the charge is simply the cost of the item you choose to paint.

There are discounts on ceramics on most Tuesday to Thursday if your group has three or more painters, so come one come all, the more the merrier. Please see the promotions page for specifics.

What can kids do at the studio?

We can amuse children of all ages, including infants! You can paint your baby’s feet, or your child’s hands on a platter, a vase or a coffee mug. Even the youngest child likes to play with brushes, sponges and paints. The paint does not stain clothes and can just be brushed off the kids and their clothes when fully dry.

Glass fusing can be done by children 8 or older, and we allow supervised glass cutting at 9 or older.

Board art with straightforward designs can be done from around 10 years of age. Board art uses acrylics paint that may stain the clothes.

Can you come to my school/office/party?

Yes! We go to schools, restaurants, hospitals, businesses, parks. Plan it indoors or out…we love to party! See our Groups page for more information.

Do you do birthdays and other parties?

Absolutely. We can accommodate parties large and small. You bring the cake, the snacks, the drinks and the fun. We provide the place, the staff and everything you’ll need to create your own masterpiece. See our Party page for more information. We can accommodate your group for whatever reason you have to gather!

Can I take the things home the same day?

Usually the painted ceramics are available within five to seven days. During very busy periods, like the period leading up to Christmas, the pieces will be ready in as little as two to three days. Yes, that’s right, the busier we are the quicker you get the items back.

Glass fusing may take longer, but usually around a week.

Board art can be taken home the same day and put right on the wall.

How long do you keep the finished items?

We always give you a call as soon as the items are ready for pickup, and if we don’t reach you we’ll leave a message if possible.

You can pick up at your convenience, but we have limited space to store items, so three months is the max we will guarantee to keep your items for pickup. 

We will call you several times and ask you to pick up before disposing anything. If you need more time, let us know and we’ll keep the items longer. 

The items will be considered to be “abandoned property” after three months if you don’t respond, and if we need to make room the items will be disposed. Unfortunately we will not offer refunds because you had the experience of painting.

Do you open by appointment on days you’re normally closed?

Yes, with a minimum of 6 painters you can make an appointment to come in on a day we are closed (for part of the year we are closed on Mondays). The charge will be the cost of the items painted for each painter, but minimum $30 plus tax per painter.
Some restrictions apply, for example coupons (etc.) can’t be used when we open for an appointment. 

Can I use a gift card from Color Me Mine Markham?

Yes, we’re happy to accept painted Gift Cards that were originally sold by Color Me Mine Markham. Plastic gift cards from other locations, or $10 printed discount coupons from Color Me Mine Markham can unfortunately not be accepted. We also accept old Thank You cards from birthdays that offer a free studio fee, but since there is no studio fee at Crafty Pots those cards are accepted as 10% discount on one ceramic item. At Crafty Pots there are no extra charges besides the cost of the activity you choose to do, so you’re saving money right off the bat at Crafty Pots compared to Color Me Mine Markham.

Can I use a coupon from another studio?

Almost certainly, yes!

If it’s a discount coupon from another local studio, we’ll almost certainly accept it. Gift cards, probably not because we can’t tell how much is on them.