Do I need an appointment?

No! You’re always welcome to walk in and have fun, no reservation needed.

Seating is always first-come first-served. Saturday afternoons are often quite busy but we’re a large studio and there is usually room for you and your group. We do not do reservations, sorry.

Especially on busy Saturdays we to reserve the right to limit the number of non-painters in a group. There are four coffee shops on the street so leave one adult with the group of kids and have some adult time hanging out in a coffee shop.

How much does it cost?

The price depends on the activity, and THERE IS NO STUDIO FEE. These listed prices are guidelines.

The ceramics painting experience starts at $30, most of the ceramic items to paint in the studio are priced around $36 to $38. 

Clay handbuilding starts at $50 for a kilo of clay and baking for up to two handmade items. 

Pottery wheel throwing starts at $100 for two people on weekdays. Weekend prices are higher. Painting of clay items is $15 each.

Glass fusing starts around $50.

What are the activities?

Walk-in activities:

Walk-in ceramics painting where you decorate useful and fun ceramic items.

Walk-in clay hand building where you can build your own things that can be painted later.

Walk-in Glow in the dark painting when room is available:  (min 2 ptrs) in the party room – not available during March Break. The party room is often used for parties during the weekend.

Glass fusing where you create design from glass that we fuse into a solid piece of glass – not during March Break. 

Booked activities:

Pottery wheel throwing classes – not during March Break. Book an appointment Wednesday, Friday or Saturday.

How long do you keep the finished items?

We always call when the items are ready, and we will leave a message if possible. If we don’t reach you just come in. Painted ceramics are always ready after seven days.

We have limited space to store items, so thirty days is the max we will guarantee to keep your items for pickup once we have called the first time. If you need more time, let us know and we’ll give you as long as you need. 

We’ll call you at least twice before disposing anything. We make notes on every order when we make a call.

Unfortunately we will not offer refunds for disposed items, sorry.

What if it snows on my booked day?

Regardless of the weather, booked activities like birthday parties, pottery wheel throwing will almost certainly proceed as booked.

We will be open and ready for the event under almost all circumstances. A power outage is one of the few reasons that may make us unable to host the event. 

You may cancel or reschedule but there may be penalties. 

Can I use the things I make or paint?

Yes! Mugs, plates, vases etc. painted with ceramic paint become food-safe after baking in our special ovens. Figures can be painted with acrylics paint for quick results, but are not food safe

Glass projects are mostly decorative, some sizes can be shaped like plates but because they are fragile we do not recommend using them for eating.

Do you do birthdays and other parties?

Absolutely. We can accommodate parties large and small. You bring the cake, the snacks, the drinks and the fun. We have a separate party room with seating for 20.

We provide the place and the staff to make this your easiest party ever. Please see our Party page for more information. 

What can kids do at the studio?

For younger kids, ceramics painting works best, lots of choices and the paint does not stain clothes and can just be brushed off when fully dry.

Older kids can choose any of the options, including the ones with acrylic paint that may stain clothes.

Hand and footprints make perfect memories, so paint a mug or plate for yourself with their prints at the same time.

Do you open by special appointment?

Yes, with a minimum combined spend for the entire group of at least $125 we can open just for you, either on normally closed days or early or late.

Coupons (etc.) can’t be used when we open for a special appointment.

Can I use a gift card from Color Me Mine Markham?

Yes, we’re happy to accept painted Gift Cards that were originally sold by Color Me Mine Markham.

The $10 printed discount coupons from Color Me Mine Markham can unfortunately not be accepted.

We also accept old Thank You cards from birthdays that offer a free studio fee, but since there is no studio fee at Crafty Pots those cards are accepted as 10% discount on one ceramic item.

Can I use a coupon from another studio?

Almost certainly, yes!

If it’s a discount coupon from another local studio, we’ll almost certainly accept it. Gift cards, probably not because we can’t tell how much is on them.

Can you come to my school/office/party?

Yes! We go to schools, restaurants, hospitals, businesses, parks. Plan it indoors or out…we love to party! See our Groups page for more information

I’m so not creative..

Plenty of painted samples to copy or modify, stencils and stamps make it easy. No worries, This is about having fun, letting go a little bit and seeing what happens.

It’s fun art, not fine art, go for it, you’ll love the result!