Board Art is about creating a sign with just the right words in just the right colours to match just the right spot in your house. You can even take the finished sign home the same day! Board Art is available as a walk-in activity every day.

You choose what you like from a wide selection of available designs, you decide on colours and we’ll walk you through every step, helping you get a great result. The key to Board Art is the custom stencil we create for your sign, helping you have fun and get a great result.

Board Art is made using permanent acrylic paints which means they may stain the clothes and shoes, so you may not want to wear your finest clothes. We’ll provide aprons and gloves if you like, but please keep this in mind and choose clothes and shoes accordingly.

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What does it cost?

The cost depend on the size of the design you choose. They are all tailored to a specific size

Large – 14″x18″ – $50

Square – 14″x14″ – $45

Medium – 11″ x 17″ – $45

Small – 7″ x 18″ – $35

Actual sizes may be a little larger.

How long does it take?

The paint needs to dry between layers, so give yourself at least two hours for the actual painting plus the time it takes to choose a design.

Three hours is not unusual for designs with multiple colours, dark background, shading, all that good stuff. We have fans to speed up the drying a little bit.

Can I customize the design?

Some of the designs are made to be personalized, such as monograms, family name designs etc. but we’ll need advance notice so we can do the design work before you come.

Choose the design you want from the Personalizeable Board Art Gallery and let us know what the text should say. The signs that can be customized at no extra charge will have a different colour for the editable parts.

Can you make a special design for me?

Usually, but there is a charge for it of $25 per hour that we estimate will be needed for the design work. Send us the starting point for the design and we’ll send you back some options. Payment (design charge + board cost) due when design is accepted.

If you don’t have time to create it yourself but would like to give someone the gift of a handmade, custom sign, let us know.

It’ll be the perfect wedding, baby shower, anniversary or corporate gift.