Host a Pottery Painting FUN-raiser!

Pick a night. Promote your event with family, friends, and co-workers. Come paint on your chosen day! We will donate 20% of your group’s total sales to your organization if you meet a minimum sales target and number of participants.

Auction Projects!

Paint tiles and make tile table or tile mirror, decorate a large platter, cookie jar, picture frame, chip and dip bowl or other project and have it personalized by the members of your organization to create a special remembrance. Use this piece to auction on the night of your event!

Some ideas:

Have your kids paint a set of tiles, get a handy Mom or Dad to build a table to hold the tiles, grout around the tiles, auction this piece of furniture or sell raffle tickets to win the table in a drawing.

Have your kids paint a complete set of dinnerware. Auction the whole set or piece by piece.

Put all the kid’s hands or fingerprints on a flower vase, plate, cookie jar, etc… Include the teacher/coach/leader’s name and any other important information on the piece. Sell it in an auction or raffle off tickets to win it.

Have each kid paint a small heart/star/flower (choose a theme or just let the kids creative work emerge) and have a handy Mom or Dad mount them on a board. Auction the piece or sell raffle tickets to win.

Gift Certificates!

We sell our gift certificates to your organization at a discount; you sell our gift certificates at full face value and keep the difference. Any unsold gift certificates must be returned to us.

Tile Wall!

You set the price on this priceless addition to your school or organization. Your supporters buy tiles that they have fun painting. You keep a portion of the tile sales. You can choose a theme for your tile wall or just see what happens. We glaze and fire your tiles and you install and grout.