Terms and conditions for online sales

Unfortunate we cannot accept refunds or returns for purchased kits or ceramics as we cannot resell items that have been out of the house.

If your child is signed up for a recurring event like Kids Night Out but unable to attend, you will automatically be entitled to a free spot at the next months event. We cannot do refunds of the payment. If the free spot is not used next month then you must pay again to participate in future events. 

Other kinds of events are typically not repeated, so your payment is for a spot at that particular event, and does not entitle you to a free spot at another, sorry. We cannot do refunds for bookings at such events

Crafty Pots uses Moneris which is a third-party service provider to process credit card transactions. All transactions are encrypted via SSL and Crafty Pots never sees the credit card information that you enter into the forms for payment. We are only informed after a payment has been completed. 

Please see the Privacy page for information on how we protect your information.

Payment is accepted in Canadian funds only.