Vexing Anti Vaxers

We follow the provincial rules and require proof of vaccination before sitdown activities. They are law and we also happen to fully support the public health measures. Harassment from anti-vaxers (oh, sorry, this one prefers the term pro-choice) … yes, anti-vaxers, has become a problem for many businesses. This is the story of one such anti-vaxer and her attempts to harass us.

Comments have been enabled so that Nicole can post her side of the story. That should be entertaining.

The beginning – email

This email exchange happened on Oct 24. Original emails have been preserved. Yes, I should not have taken the bait, but she’s not the first one. Their rudeness, inanity and entitled behaviour really starts to annoy after a while. Sit back and watch:

“N…”: Just wondering if you need a vaccine pass to come to your paint lounge

Us: Yes, we support the public health measures. If you don’t then you’re welcome to order items online to paint at home. You can briefly enter the studio to pick up the order.

“N…”: You support the discrimination and segregation of people based on their personal medical choice. Pretty disgusting to me. You won’t be getting my business


“N…”  Even better that you wrote lol now I will be posting this response all over social media. It’s one thing to support discrimination and segregation but to laugh is even worse.

Are you the manager ?

Us: These days, a business can get no better publicity than anti vaxers harassing them over following the rules. Go right ahead 🙂

Remember to decline treatment in the ICU after you get sick. After all, if you don’t trust the medical profession to keep you from getting sick, it’d make no sense to trust them to help you afterwards.

UPDATE Oct 25: This is the logical extreme for an anti-vax position, and I do not retract it, but I realize these people has already accepted so much nonsense advice and misinformation that there is a risk some one of them might actually say “Hmm, that makes a lot of sense, I’ll totally do that” So: “Dear anti-vaxers, once you get really sick DO ACCEPT treatment in the ICU” – even if this means that the hospitals may be unable to help other people that need care through no fault of their own

Have a GREAT day 🙂

“N…”: You’re a disgusting pig and I will be posting this all over social media and calling the local paper.

Us:Ok 👍

Have a FANTASTIC day 🙂

“N…”: As someone who is running a business all you had to say was sorry you feel that way but you wrote an LOL
And had to take it even further.
So I hope you’re business goes down. I know many people who come to your location who won’t anymore.

Google review bombing

So, this grievously offended anti-vaxer started spreading the word and a few like minded people, not customers and not local started posting one stars on google. They were all left within an hour or so. Personally I think that’s a little entitled. It’s like relieving yourself on the neighbours lawn because someone said online that your neighbour support a political candidate that you don’t like. Unfortunately google automatically deleted Nicoles review before I could take a screenshot as it was full of obscenities and rabid raving. Here are a few others:

Facebok comments

Let’s not even go there. The amount of diatribes that this person has posted in response to my fb posts shows they have too much time on their hands and too many issues.

Instagram comments

In a show of pure entitlement this person then started